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Bersano Winery Bersano Winery

Bersano Winery

Bersano History:

From beginnings in the 19th century, Bersano is today a productive, ethical and cultural
reality made up of lands, men and traditions, reaching out towards the future but bolstered
by its inalienable and historical identity.
The Bersano winery story began at the end of the 19° century in Nizza Monferrato,
the heart of the Barbera d’Asti district. Territory and Vineyard, soul of the grape,
immediately became the winery’s main features when Arturo Bersano, lawyer for his
family’s pride, but vine-dresser by choice, took up the family run business.
His motto “if you want to drink well, buy yourself a vineyard” inspires our philosophy and work.
Over 230 hectares between Langa and Monferrato, in the best “cru” area, making the largest
private vine-grower company in Piedmont.
A huge museum dedicated to the grape and winemaker’s utensils, excites curiosity
into the visitors, among artefacts recording everyday life, presses and ancient
farm tools.

The great passion inspiring the winery’s current proprietors, Massimelli and Soave families,
has managed to plant over 230 hectares of vineyards, growing everyday year with newly
planted vines. A passion concretely expressed in the love and almost maniacal care dedicated
to the vineyards year after year. In a land so strongly linked with production of quality
wines such as Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresco, Moscato d’Asti and Brachetto d’Acqui, while it is
true that these are the environmental conditions that makes the wines of Piedmont 
so unique and expressive, there is more to add, and it is the product of human effort:
loving care of the vineyard, correct choice of land and exposure, the best pruning
techniques without forgetting thinning.

In Nizza Monferrato, the heart of Barbera d’Asti district, home of the Bersano winery for almost
a hundred years, a team of talented enologists dedicate great care and passion to these
carefully selected grapes. Starting with gentle pressing and continuing with traditional
but carefully controlled winemaking techniques - thanks to use of advanced technologies
for precise control of fermentation temperatures and times, frequency of pumping over, etc
- conditio sine qua non for creating great wines. Concluding with the choice of woods
to be used for refinement, both the large casks of Slavonian oak that are the company’s
biggest asset and tonneaux di allier of different sizes and capacities.