KWV~South Africa

KWV~South Africa 

KWV is one of the leading wine and spirits producers in South Africa
Its head office is located in Paarl, in the Western Cape region - one of the country's top wine producing regions.

The company sources wines and grapes from the best and most sought after viticultural regions in South
Africa. KWV is known internationally for brands such as Roodeberg, KWV wines, Laborie, Golden Kaan,
Cathedral Cellar, Café Culture, Wild Africa Cream and the KWV 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Year Old brandies.

KWV is a founder member of the Industry Association for the Responsible Use of Alcohol (ARA).

KWV employees work according to the KWV Way, which states:
We are a commercial business and we focus on quality brands.
We perform and deliver like owners - individually and as teams - beyond expectation.
The KWV Way forms the basis of our value system and performance orientation.

1)    Cathedral Cellar
The Cathedral Cellar at KWV’s cellar complex in Paarl was officially opened on 30 April 1930,
and has been home to Cathedral Cellar wines ever since.
This cellar was restored in 2005 with its unmistakable barrel vaulted roof, stained-glass windows,
has a granite and wood inlaid floor, providing the perfect ambient conditions for the hand
carved wooden vats on each side, to hold and mature Cathedral Cellar wines into the impressive style
of wine that they are today.

Cathedral cellar wines are amongst the most decorated both internationally and locally,
winning numerous awards over the years, testimony to the superlative quality of wine,
matured and perfected in this very space of grandeur where
even the Angels share receives its heavenly seal of approval.

2)    Pearly Bay
On the magnificent southern Cape coast lies Pearly Bay, a vast stretch of
fynbos-covered dunes and a dazzling, pearly white beach.
Here summer days are spent having fun in the sun, and
balmy evenings call for lazy strolls and relaxed picnics.

Not too far from here lie the vineyards where the grapes for our wines are harvested.
The heat of the Cape summer ripens the grapes to perfection, and in the afternoon,
gentle southern breezes from the Bay cool the grapes and ensure the perfect balance.

3)    Café Culture
For decades, one social phenomenon has been growing worldwide.
It is the meeting of thinkers, leaders, free spirits and the influential.
It is associated with debate and banter. It is the Café Culture –
a lively, vibey social spirit with a sense of adventure and exclusivity even decadence.

When these free spirits and trend setters gather, their wine of choice is different,
a unique Pinotage with a distinct mocha character. Deliciously ripe Pinotage grapes
have been persuaded to show an often hidden mocha flavour – nothing is added and
nothing is taken away.

They enjoy it on its own while chatting and debating into the night,
or with whatever food they choose, even dessert! And they know it’s best while still young.