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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

La Praya Cabernet Sauvignon (拉普拉亞卡本諾蘇維翁)

La Praya Cabernet Sauvignon (拉普拉亞卡本諾蘇維翁)

Manufacturer: La Playa Winery
Price: 88.00 HK$

Region:  Colchagua Valley
Vintage: 2015/2018        Alc: 13%
750mlx 12 bts

La Playa wines have always been farmed
sustainably. Our early motivation in
using these green practices was easy:
Sustainable grapes yield the cleanest
and more pure varietals. A deep elegant
scarlet color. This Cabernet Sauvignon
has notes of ripe black currant and
mocha, with structured tannins and a
supple finish.

年份:2015/2018         酒精度:13%
750毫升x 12支

La Playa 葡萄酒一直以可持續方式種植。我們使用這些
最更純的品種。 深雅的猩紅色。這款赤霞珠有成熟黑色

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