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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

La Playa Merlot (拉普拉亞梅鹿 )

La Playa Merlot (拉普拉亞梅鹿 )

Manufacturer: La Playa Winery
Price: 88.00 HK$

Region: Colchagua Valley
Vintage: 2015/2018        Alc: 13%
750mlx 12 bts

This excellent Estate grown red from the
La Playa winery has all the rich supple
plummy fruit flavours that have made
this variety so popular. Good aromatic
intensity and richness of black fruits
like black plums and cherries, leading
to notes of menthol and fresh red berry
fruits. In the mouth it is creamy and
round, with soft tannins and a long,
savoury finish.

地區: 高查瓜谷地區
年份: 2015/2018         酒精度:13%
750毫升x 12支

這個優秀的莊園從 La Playa 酒廠釀成紅色
品種如此受歡迎。 良好的芳香強度以及豐

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